Make a difference in the life of a racehorse like Big Discovery image

Make a difference in the life of a racehorse like Big Discovery

Time heals all wounds

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This past year Second Call faced challenges we had not faced before including the challenges of time, space, and funding. The saying "time heals all wounds" would definitely apply with a unique twist when it comes to caring for injured race horses. The new twist being another saying … "time is money."To demonstrate meet Big Discovery, he demonstrates the huge heart and will to live that all thoroughbreds possess even though they can no longer race. Big Discovery, a very appropriate name as this guy stands nearly 17 hands He is a six-year old with 38 starts touts earnings over $140,000 lifetime. He arrived at Second Call severely injured our vet gave him one look and said, "I think this big guy could have a shot at recovery, however I'm not sure just how much time or money you can put into him. He needs at least six months of rehab." This was the "time" and "money" reference. Big Discovery has been with us since June. His care giver is amazed at the progress he has made. Miraculously, he is almost ready to find his forever home. He most likely will not have a future in the show ring but may be a nice pleasure mount. In his case, time did heal his wounds and the generosity of people such as yourselves provided the support to allow us to help Big Discovery and other horses just like him.